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Playing Games While Learning Business at Mortgage Calculator Money Games

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Playing games while learning business at Mortgage Calculator Money Games. At present, we are studying business sim games we can get from campus. Some, even since high school, have been acquainted with the business world, even though it might only be a glimpse. But this can already be the basis for understanding the knowledge related to this entrepreneur.

If we flash backwards, which is dozens or centuries in the past, learning business has been widely carried out by people. More precisely, knowledge of this business began to emerge in the eighteenth century in Europe. From that time on, the business began to develop into the current digital age.

If in the past people learned business by pursuing it in an education bench, now that is no longer the case. Learning the basis of business can now be done in a simpler and faster way. In fact, you could say this method is very easy, and anyone will definitely like it.

Yes, learning business at this time we can do while playing games; is that possible? Maybe many people do not believe, but if we really listen, games turn out to be educational.

This might not be apparent when playing it. So what is the main reason why playing games can hone our business soul?

There is a strong reason why playing games can hone business instincts.


If anyone thinks playing games just for pleasure is a waste of time, it’s a big mistake. There are many games that can educate us and help us learn something. For example, the players in the Mortgage Calculator Money Games
Through the games that we can access at https://www.mortgagecalculator.org/money-games/, we can learn many things. Starting from financial learning to business. In fact, we can invite and teach families to develop business instincts by playing games here.

Well, there are many reasons why playing games can hone our ability to do business, including:

● Interactive and practical

Games provide an interactive and practical experience where we can be directly involved in managing businesses or business simulations. We can also try various strategies and see how the decisions have an impact on business results.

● Active learning

In games, we are the main actors in solving problems and achieving goals. This allows for more active learning than conventional learning approaches, where we only receive information.
Errors are part of the learning process.

When playing games, we can learn from mistakes without real consequences that are dangerous. After that, we can try again and optimize the strategy to achieve success. This is the most important thing in real business.

● Motivation and reward

A game often provides a reward and incentive system, such as points or success rates. This certainly provides motivation to achieve goals and try harder to improve our performance.

You could say this is similar to the actual business concept. Especially when business achieves success by achieving its targets.

● Development of critical skills

Playing games also involves problem solving, data analysis, decision-making, and other critical skills that are relevant in business. By practicing through this game, we can develop their skills effectively.

● Creativity and innovation

Some games even provide opportunities for us to design, manage, or build something from the start. This opportunity certainly encourages creativity and innovation, which are important in facing challenges and finding new solutions in business.

● Repeated learning

One excitement in games is that children can try and repeat various strategies to achieve success. This repeated learning will help strengthen their understanding of business concepts and improve their skills from time to time.

● Market experience and competition

Many games also involve market elements and competition. Here, we must be able to understand consumer trends, manage inventory, and compete with opponents to achieve goals. If we dare to play games like this, it will certainly help us understand market dynamics and the importance of market analysis in business.

Learning Business Through Mortgage Calculators and Money Games

The easiest way to learn about business is to play games. As stated above, now the game is not just for pleasure. But we can use it as a learning medium for us in a fun way and according to the times.

Some games that we can play while learning about business are:

● Open restaurant

Is a game that will teach us how to run a restaurant business. Especially in terms of customer service. Starting with looking for customers, inviting them to sit, record orders, serve food, and provide bills to clean the table for further customers.

Playing this game can be said to be quite challenging because we must be smart in managing and serving customers. In order to increase customers so that the cash flow remains smooth.

● Pizza Café

Is a restaurant simulation game that serves pizza to customers. In this game, we must be able to serve and make customer orders in a quick way. When playing this game, try to act quickly so that no customers feel disappointed and lose patience.

The essence of this game is to train children to find out what customers want and provide the best service. So that customers will feel satisfied and the business will run smoothly.

These two games are examples of games in the Mortgage Calculator Money Games that we can play. Of course, in order to learn about business in the simplest and easiest way, With this game, we can hone a business instinct that can later be developed in our lives.

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